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Digitisation - setting the points for the future

Fast access to the data highway with ideal connections in the information society: for companies doing business in an extensive area such as Osnabrück district, a high-speed internet connection is crucial for their development and an important factor in favour of the location. Wide-spread provision of broadband services is hugely important for the economic and social future of the region.


To safeguard the necessary bandwidth as quickly as possible, the district has taken the digitisation of the region into its own hands. By setting up its own telecommunications company called TELKOS mbH back in 2010, the district set the points for the digital future already at an early point in time. Since then, the district has been working together in close collaboration with the 21 towns, local authorities and municipalities to intensively pursue broadband expansion. So far, more than 15,000 households and businesses have been receiving fast Internet access. With additional support from federal and state funding, altogether around 70.5 million Euro are being invested in broadband expansion in the first two construction phases.


Start of a new internet age


Download speeds of up to 120 megabit per hour: for ten thousand households and companies on the outskirts of the towns and municipalities, the new internet age has already begun. As network owner, TELKOS mbH is gradually expanding the provision of internet. To this end, the districtowned infrastructure company installed hundreds of ducting and fibreglass cables. In spring 2018, the district launched its digitisation offensive at 24 building sites simultaneously.


The partner innogy TelNet is responsible for end-user business in addition to broadband maintenance and operation. An open-access obligation ensures that all internet providers have non-discriminatory access to the installed NGA infrastructure (Next Generation Network). Work is to continue on the process to enhance the location even further and to meet the demands made by the digital world of the companies in the region. Intensified acquisition of funding together with considerable further investment by the district itself should make it possible to reach the goal of ensuring glass-fibre connectivity for all companies and households in Osnabrück District by 2025.


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Osnabrück District - Heart of Germany’s north west.


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