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Commercial space an real estate in the Osnabrück District

Plenty of space for development and economic growth in a convenient central location, and all at a good price: Osnabrück District scores with attractive commercial and industrial premises to suit a wide range of different needs. Whether industrial firms in Niedersachsenpark directly on the motorway or skilled crafts and services companies in close proximity to the customers, there’s lots of space for the region’s economy.


oleg: service partner for the economy


When looking for a suitable site, companies that are willing to invest can rely on support from oleg Osnabrücker Land-Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH (land development agency). The competent service partner for the district helps out already during the planning phase, provides advice and information about the individual areas and vacant commercial buildings, and prepares concepts for land development. The agency's remit also in - cludes tasks such as developing and implemen ting project-related operator models and financ ing concepts. In addition to the district, oleg’s shareholders include the towns, local author ities and municipalities, together with Kreissparkassen Melle and Bersenbrück as well as Sparkasse Osnabrück (all banks). When collaborating with oleg under the auspices of the Department of Economic Affairs & Labour, companies benefit from short distances and consultation processes as well as proven expertise and great commitment. 


Sustainable land management


Anticipatory action is the motto for sustainable land management, one of oleg’s projects that is being financed by federal funding and the Metropolitan Region Northwest. The aim is for early monitoring to alleviate the impacts of demographic change on the demand for land and to prevent the emergence of wasteland. If for example a piece of land or a property or building is being vacated because there is no successor in the company, this is where oleg comes in. oleg develops plans for subsequent use and brings the users together with companies searching for suitable land. In doing so, oleg cooperates with WIGOS, for instance when it comes to making corporate succession arrangements. Already existing wasteland areas are also registered systematically and included in the marketing activities.


Space for top companies


Whether subsequent use of existing sites or new commercial and industrial estates, Osnabrück District offers enough space for top companies and firms with potential for growth. For example, since 2013 sportswear manufacturer adidas has been operating its largest distribution in the world in Niedersachsenpark in NeuenkirchenVörden/Rieste, right on the A1 motorway. The centre was extended in 2017, creating altogether more than 500 jobs. Grimme Landmaschinenfabrik is another global player to have settled here. Lower Saxony’s largest intermunicipal commercial and industrial estate, located at the strategic traffic hub on the A1 motorway, offers over 400 hectares of land for the meanwhile more than 60 companies. Thanks to the option land model, companies can also reserve space to expand in the direct vicinity over a period of several years without having to pay a fee.  


Room for growth


It is not just in Niedersachsenpark that companies find best conditions. Just recently in 2018, the topten agricultural engineering company Amazone from Hasbergen in the south of the district started to expand, erecting another production facility on 24 hectares of land in Bramsche. The presence of the world’s leading agricultural engineering company Claas here in the district shows that innovations in this industrial sector find fertile ground here: in 2017, Claas constructed a research and development centre in Dissen, which is in the south of the district. Solarlux, market leader for glass partitions, also favours the Osnabrück district, with its headquarters taking up 13 hectares in Melle. The strength of the economic region has also convinced delicatessen manufacturer Homann, with production facilities in Dissen and Bad Essen. There are plans for other big players to settle in the district as well: kitchen furniture manufacturer Häcker Küchen from East-Westphalia is having a new factory built in the commercial estate in Ostercappeln-Venne on 20 hectares of land. Construction should be completed by 2020, with the creation of several hundred jobs. No matter where in the district, successful businesses always find themselves in good company. 


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Osnabrück District - Heart of Germany’s north west.


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