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Education and training as location factor - early career start on the doorstep

Life-long learning from kindergarten onwards: Osnabrück District offers its population fair opportunities for education and training right from the very young with a wide range of services and projects. It provides a connected education landscape, thus creating excellent prerequisites for young talents and the skilled specialists of tomorrow. After all, the standard of education and qualifications in the population at large plays a crucial role in the future economic and social development of Osnabrück District. 


Trendsetting education management


Education begins for children already in the family setting and is a life-long process. This makes it all the more important for the district to create structures that facilitate life-long learning with easy transitions between the various phases of education and training, for example from school into working life. The district’s trendsetting education management is prerequisite for sustainable success, networking all the players in the education landscape and coordinating the corresponding measures.


Comprehensive education and training monitoring forms the basis for controlled action. It registers the key data pertinent to the education sector, such as the dynamics of demographic change. Three local offices for education and training in Georgsmarienhütte, Bersenbrück and Bohmte act as “seismographs” and ensure that one “education hand” knows that the other is doing. Moreover, the municipal coordinators have an overview of education and training opportunities for newcomers, as well as being the contact persons for players in this field. The training sector players also benefit from the wealth of experience gained from the federal programme “Local Learning” that was implemented in the district in the period through to 2014. 


Local authorities learn from the “Education Region”


Shaping the education and training landscape for today and tomorrow also depends on close cooperation with the state of Lower Saxony. Since 2015, the state has been funding the “Education Region Osnabrück District”. Other local authorities can also learn from the district’s experience. In 2015, Osnabrück District took the initiative to set up the “Transfer Agency Municipal Education Management Lower Saxony” which helps local authorities to instigate or develop data-based education management, thus smoothing the path to good, fair education and training throughout the state as a whole. 


SMET specialists for tomorrow


Equal opportunities are also the catch-word for the district's many activities on the SMET sector (science, mathematics, engineering and tech - nology). Activities at the SMET learning locations aim to give boys and girls a passion for science and to help the young researchers to opt for a technical job in future. Two regional SMET centres in Bersenbrück for the north of the district and in Bohmte to the east pool SMET activities on the local level with multidisciplinary information about various levels of education, all under the same roof. The extracurricular learning centre called “PhänomexX” is a testing ground for young discoverers. The exhibition has 25 stations that introduce children playfully to scientific topics and arouse their interest in a SMET career – thus helping to counteract the skills shortage in the region at an early age. 


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Osnabrück District - Heart of Germany’s north west.


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