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High feel-good factor - living with water and salt

It is not just companies that feel good in Osnabrücker Land. Nature lovers and wellness fans also enjoy life here. The region’s location at the heart of the UNESCO Global Geopark TERRA.vita already illustrates how important the quality of life is here. Housing is available at affordable prices in leafy residential areas while still being close to the benefits offered by the city of Osnabrück. It is no great surprise therefore that for many people who come here, the region is the feel-good home of their choice.  


Relaxing in four spa towns


After all, Osnabrücker Land boasts four spa towns whose range of health-related and medical services attract people from near and far. Visitors to Bad Rothenfelde for example will almost feel as if they’re at the seaside, thanks to the monumental graduation houses that are the spa town’s landmark. Every day, 600,000 litres of salty brine drizzle through the 10,000 square metre structures, generating a genuinely healthy climate. It is therefore no great surprise that eight different specialised clinics have been established here, including the famous Schüchtermann-Klinik cardiac centre, one of Germany’s five largest cardiac centres. Bad Rothenfelde is also first choice when it comes to eye and skin diseases, as well as orthopaedic conditions. The spa town with its many wellness facilities is also very popular with spa visitors and those seeking relaxation. In the “carepesol” health spa with its glass dome, visitors can leave their everyday cares behind and enjoy the pleasantly warm salty brine together with the various saunas. 


The healthy attributes of salt


The other spa towns Bad Essen and Bad Laer also advocate the healthy attributes of salt. The brine that bubbles up from the well in Bad Laer has a particularly high salt content. The indoor brine pool is very popular with health-conscious guests due to the lack of gravity in the water. Visitors to Bad Essen will also enjoy floating in the thermal brine spa pool or in the SoleSpa wellness facility. In 2010, Bad Essen hosted the Lower Saxony Horticultural Show with wonderful displays of flowers. 


Taking a Kneipp cure on high


In 2018, Bad Iburg in the Teutoburg Forest was the second spa town in Osnabrücker Land to host the State Horticultural Show with displays of flowers and the 440 metre long tree-top path. At the foot of Iburg Castle, once the birthplace of the Prussian Queen Sophie Charlotte, visitors can not only tread the waters in the modern Kneipp spa but also try forest bathing in the new forest spa park where they can recover their emotional balance.  


The number of spa towns is a clear indication that Osnabrücker Land is a health-oriented region, something that is also backed up by the medical facilities. The diversity and quality on offer exerts an appeal particularly in terms of health tourism which is a constantly growing sector. Osnabrück District has more than 30 acute hospitals and rehabilitation clinics, and is home to two world market leaders in dental technology and rehabilitation equipment. The healthcare sector has a workforce of roughly 23,000 employees and plays a weighty role for Osnabrück District as a health region. Last but not least, the people living in Osnabrücker Land also appreciate the attractive facilities and the high quality of life. 


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Osnabrück District - Heart of Germany’s north west.


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